Sunday, October 3, 2010

I took these pictures this morning to remind myself how I decorated the house this year so that I can do it the same way next year.
Then I thought, "It will not be this way next year. It will be different."
A different home awaits.
Why, then, did I take these pictures?
Perhaps for a memory.
Perhaps for a record.
Halloween 2010 at 982 N. 1100 E.
Halloween 2011 at...?


**MIGNONNE** said...

NOOOOOOOOO! I just can't accept that. You can't go.

I love your decorations and you will always treasure these photos.

Rees said...

Just found out from Kevin last night that an Arizona move is for sure :-( We thought we might be able to swing a transfer back to Utah, but that option died. I'm really struggling. I will need to party it up with my Utah homeys before we move. It will probably be right after Christmas.

**MIGNONNE** said...

Oh Rees...

I don't even know what to say. We will miss you but I truly know, with all my heart, that it will be great for you and your family. You are needed there. Maybe everything that has happened over the last couple of years was to prepare you just for this.

I'm crying. I love you but I know it's where you are suppose to be.

The Brereton Family! said...

Rees, I know it will be a hard move for you but the selfish side of me says YEAH! Now we get to see you and be a part of your lives again. We can't wait to see you soon. Arizona is a great place to live! Adorable decoration by the way :)

Rees said...

The one truly WONDERFUL thing about moving to Arizona is that we have amazing friends there already ( know who I'm talking about ). That will make the transition much easier ;-) It is the loosening of the attachments here in the ward and neighborhood that will be tough. And being away from my parents, Kevin's parents and all of our siblings. Mignonne....I cry whenever I think about it. It's hard to pull up your roots after so many years. So - to my wonderful, amazing friends here...I will miss you SOOOO much!! To my wonderful and amazing friends in Arizona, I can't wait to spend more time with you and to feel your love and support for our family as we begin this new adventure :-)