Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School 2008

It's still technically summer and 80 degrees outside, but today Micalyn and Parker headed back to Grovecrest Elementary for the 2008-2009 school year. Micalyn is in 5th grade this year and Parker is in 2nd. Go Grizzlies!! Not to be outdone by her older siblings, Jocelyn started her 2nd year at the Funshine Preschool at the P.G. rec center. She loves preschool and literally begs me to let her do homework --- we'll see how long that lasts!

Friday, August 15, 2008

That Girl Can CLIMB!

The Green wall was a cake-walk for Micalyn (above)
Micalyn stretching it on the blue route (below)

Micalyn WAY up on the blue route

Micalyn working hard on the blue route

Micalyn can FLY!! Taking a rest near the roof of the pink route

Micalyn progressing on the pink route

Micalyn at the top of the "EASY" (her description) green wall

Micalyn "warming up" on the blue kiddie wall (32 foot climb)

Micalyn getting close to the top of the blue holds wall --- a climb that kicked her mom's booty...she made it to the top, though :)

Micalyn and her proud mama!

Micalyn working against gravity to navigate over the "roof" on the pink route --- hold on tight!

Micalyn approaching the first "roof" on the pink route

Micalyn making it over the first "roof" on the blue route

Micalyn about 20 feet up the blue route and still climbing!

Sweaty and tired mom descending after completing the blue holds wall (above).
Micalyn and mom --- enjoying "Girl's Day Out" (below)

Micalyn and mom --- Ready to Climb!!

Micalyn and Almond (an amazing climber!)

Mom and Micalyn --- Goofballs!

Equipped with a harness, rope, climbing shoes and chalk; Micalyn proved something today --- SHE CAN REALLY CLIMB!

My BFF Almond treated us to a "Girl's Day Out" which included lunch at the Pizza Factory, a day of climbing at "The Quarry", and a nice-cold Jamba Juice to top it all off.

Micalyn showed absolutely NO FEAR on any of the walls. She was like a little super-hero up there climbing higher and higher. She was climbing routes that are challenging for adults. She easily out-climbed her mother (very humbling I might add), and at one point, when her sweaty, exhausted mom couldn't make it past a tricky part, she asked, "Mom, do you want ME to do it?" Truth be told, she inspired and amazed her fellow "girls" that day.

The walls she scaled topped off at about 32 feet. That's a full 3 stories! In many spots, she was working hard to get over "roofs" which are slanted sections of the wall. She aced so many of the routes that Almond just kept pushing her to try harder and harder ones. I think the only reason she stopped climbing (after 8 routes) was that her arms and hands just didn't have any juice left.

So - here's a Blogger HIGH FIVE to my 10-year old rock climber. "CLIMB ON!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

She's 5!

Jocelyn hula'd her way to 5 years old this weekend. Her "Luau" themed party had her grass-skirted guests learning the Hukilau, showing off their crazy hula-hoop skills (Micalyn was the champion), playing a rousing game of "Aloha" BINGO, and splashing gleefully in the neighbor's pool. Oh --- and her Hawaiian Barbie cake was a huge hit! Especially when the frosting turned everyone's teeth and lips GREEN :)