Wednesday, September 8, 2010

miss: to notice the absence or loss of

When a reach finds emptiness,

and solace is found in death.

When a ghost-glimpse of a memory past,

and a re-creation is as close as you can get.

When an empty spot screams,

and empty shoes create a deafening silence.

When an oft occupied place earns the honor of an offering,

and a vacancy consumes an entire space...

Then the curtain of denial rips
and you feel it.
The Missing.


CarrieAnn said...

This is such a sad post. I'm so sorry that you are missing Kevin. Is he going to be able to visit very often?

If you need some company, let me know.

Rees said...

This post was actually kind of therapeutic for me. A way to acknowledge my "homesickness" for Kevin. I keep thinking I'll see him in one of those familiar spots --- and when I don't, the memory of him in those spots warms my heart.
He won't be able to visit as often as we'd like. Halloween will probably be the first visit back home. Mostly what our family (in both states) could use are just prayers that we can weather this storm of separation well and come out stronger on the other end.

Heather said...

I've seen on facebook and now your blog that Kevin is gone, but I must say I don't know why or what he's doing or for how long. I'll be thinking of you when my husband takes his business trips and feel lucky that he can come home so quick!

Rees said...

I didn't die.... I'm just in Arizona :)
--- Kevin

Jenny said...

What a lovely way to express your feelings, Rees. I'm jealous of how tidy your office is. You are a superhero! XO